Online and Local CAD Drafting Companies

After several years within the CAD drafting field, and working mostly for local companies I realized that the internet had opened a world for CAD drafting companies, and that it needed to be tapped into. There is only so much business a company can get from it’s local resources, and the internet can expose a company to the entire world with the right marketing techniques. In the past a company or individual who needed CAD or Drafting work done would have to contact their local drafting company. Since the internet has exposed millions of companies with new forms of advertisement the old way of doing business has changed forever.

There are quite a few advantages of having an online company, and having this rafting services company perform the work you need. The first and most important advantage to online CAD drafting companies is the cost of production. When work is done with one of these companies they can afford to cut cost which saves the consumer money. Electronic files can be transferred instantly from the convenience of one’s home to the online CAD firm where they can receive things like drawing’s, sketches, pictures, 2D blueprints, dimensions and more. This is also the case when the 3D Design is completed, the online company can send the blueprints to the customer’s closest printing shop whether it’s Staples, The Office Depot, or any company that prints and has internet access.

Another advantage to these online CAD drafting companies is their ability to specialize in more than one field of expertise. Most CAD or Drafting companies only specialize in Architecture, Machine and Mechanical Drafting, Civil Drafting, Electronic or Electrical Drafting, and 3D Modeling where as these online CAD companies have professionals in every field of CAD design. In this situation cost are also reduced because all the 3D CAD models are all designed under the same roof in the United States, and nothing has to be sent to some other country for outsourcing where dimensions get mistranslated and all sorts of problems can arise. This always leads to marked up pricing, late design target dates, and a bad situation for the consumer.