It’s Football Season – Understanding Your Website Score Versus the Competition

It is the bottom of the fourth quarter, your team is down by three, there are 58 seconds left on the clock! Your team has the ball as you sit on the edge of your seat. Barbecue sauce on your chin, you can’t hardly stand the excitement which may end in complete and total defeat or the sweet taste of victory! The coach is faced with the awesome decision…”Do I punt, pass, or run?” What would you do? Of course you are yelling at the screen as if the coach can hear your every word, “PASS, PASS!” The coach, whose running game has struggled, decides to run! Head in your hands, you can’t stand it….

Regardless of the sport, we have all been there and understanding your website score and where it stands against the competition is no different that this coach understanding where his team stands, his capabilities, his restrictions, and his competition. Using the tools of analytics, score analysis, and a lot of tactical guess work, the coach makes a decision…RUN! Why? This is the question that is answered through his understanding of his score, just as you will make decisions about your business, some of which may be influenced by your website score.

It is important to understand what a website score can demonstrate for you and ติดต่อแทงบอล ufabet if your provider does not have this option then you may need to look for one that does. A website score uses combined analytics to show you exactly where you stack up against sites of similar content. Understanding these further, you can identify why, through careful examination of the completion, your site is or is not stacking up against the others. Further analysis of your web site score will break down the specific area of statistics that you should focus more of your energy on. In other words should you “pass, punt, or run.” A good example may be comparing the amount of traffic versus the geographic location from which your traffic comes. Your traffic may be telling you that you are strong, but what good does that do you if most of your traffic comes from the east coast when you need it to come from the west?

Use your website score and competition analysis to provide an effective headwind for your business. That coach who had you sitting on the edge of your seat…he decided to fake a run play and passed the ball! He knew that his run game was ineffective today, but that his competition would expect him to pass. By setting up the run, he opened up the field for a pass. Risky…sure, but what business isn’t. Through careful analysis of your website score, you too can limit the risk and fake out the competition!