Home Windows – Popular Types and Materials

A window is an opening that can be opened and closed to allow fresh air and light and exclude noise or pollutants from entering an enclosed space; it can be fitted on a wall, a roof, on a door in a home or building or on vehicles. They can be of many shapes, sizes and designs and are held in place by metal or wooden frames. Most windows have a latch or locking mechanism to lock and open; there are many variations in structure and opening mechanisms. The metal or wooden frame of the window is fitted with glass; modern windows are glazed or have transparent material covering them to allow light but maintain privacy.

Choosing the right type and suitable window for a home is very important because it not only provides style and adds to the appearance of a building or home but also meets certain functionalities.

There are several types of windows that are found in Double Glazing Sash Windows Thanet modern, period architecture or old homes and buildings; some of the basic types are:

• Arched
• Awning
• Bay or Box
• Casement
• Clerestory
• Double hung
• Fixed
• Hopper
• Jalousie
• Palladian
• Picture
• Sliding, etc.

Traditionally, most windows are casement windows which are side-hinged. Sliding sash windows are also popular types; the opening mechanisms vary from the olden latches to the pivot hinges. There is vast variation in window materials as well as shapes and sizes.

Choosing Windows

The choice of windows depends on the type of home and the purpose it is required for. Where spaces are compact and well defined, windows can help small spaces appear larger by allowing more natural light to permeate. Other factors include keeping out harsh sunlight, provide safety especially in homes with small children and reduce the monotony of enclosed spaces by opening a view to the outside world.


There are several popular styles and materials for windows, each of which has distinct advantages and disadvantages where appearance and maintenance are concerned. The most popular materials are:

• Wood – the traditionally used material because of its versatility and durability; modern wood windows are protected by weather stripping to protect against inclement weather. There are certain variations in hard wood and soft wood.