College Football 2007 – Week 14 – Now It Becomes Crystal Clear – There Is No No 1 Team

Both No. 1-positioned Missouri and negative. 2-positioned West Virginia needed to proceed to lose in the last few days of the current year’s customary school football season, tossing the Allstate BCS National Championship Game into a crapshoot wherein No. 3-positioned Ohio State and negative. 5-positioned LSU won.

Had Missouri beaten Oklahoma for the Big 12 title, and had West Virginia beaten Pittsburgh, they would play in the BCS National Championship Game. All things considered, it will be Ohio State (11-1) and LSU (11-2) for the whole kit and caboodle. LSU will be the initial two-misfortune group to play for the public title since the commencement of the BCS in 1998.

No. 9-positioned Oklahoma (11-2), which whipped Missouri 41-31 prior in the season, lowered Missouri again by 3 scores, 38-17, to end the Tigers public title trusts. By winning again the Sooners won the Big 12 title and a BCS bowl game compartment. They will point toward the West Virginia (10-2) in the Tostitos Fiesta Bowl.

West Virginia lost to Pittsburgh (5-7) 13-9 on its home field in a cautious fight. It was a dismal finish to the Mountaineers customary season. The Mountaineers keep on vexing themselves by having dominated more matches than some other group in significant school football without winning a public title.

Pittsburgh Coach Dave Wannstedt, a Pitt graduate who played tackle for the Panthers, was a previous guarded facilitator for the NFL Dallas Cowboys and furthermore Head Coach for the Chicago Bears and Miami Dolphins. He has made Pitt an intense rival regardless of a 16-19 record since taking over in 2005.

LSU helped its case massively by turning around Tennessee 21-14 and winning the SEC title. By finishing what has been started, the Tigers end up playing for their second public title in 5 years. LSU won the title in 2003 by beating Oklahoma 21-14.

The LSU Tigers likewise benefited by losing both of their main misfortunes to Louisville and Arkansas in triple extra time. They might have straightforwardly been 12-0 like Hawaii.

Ohio State, which was inactive this end of the week in the wake of beating Michigan 14-3 for the Big 10 title seven days sooner, just sat persistently and looked as Missouri and West Virginia blew their possibilities.

No. 6-positioned Virginia Tech (11-2) slapped Boston College 30-16 to win the Atlantic Coast title and a BCS bowl game spot in the FedEx Orange Bowl against Kansas (11-1).

No. 8-positioned Southern California (10-2) beat UCLA every minute of every day to acquire a phenomenal sixth sequential Pac 10 title. The Trojans were positioned No. 1 beginning the season yet experienced a stunning 24-23 misfortune to 41-point longshot Stanford, and afterward they were agitated with Oregon 24-17 to take them out of public title conflict.

Try not to feel not good enough for Southern Cal however as the success gets them a BCS bowl game appearance in the Rose Bowl against Illinois (9-3). It likewise denotes the Trojans sixth consecutive BCS bowl billet and 32nd appearance in the Rose Bowl, usually alluded to as the “Granddaddy of All Bowl Games”.

No. 11-positioned Hawaii finished its season with two fourth quarter scores to edge Washington 35-28 and finish as the country’s just undefeated Division 1A group at 12-0.

By winning, Hawaii-the by and large Western Athletic Conference champions-acquired a BCS bowl game spot in the Allstate Sugar Bowl against Georgia (10-2).